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Salt and pepper shakers are unavoidable items you can see on the dining tables used during a meal, along with cutlery, glasses, and dishes. Their design typically includes two containers forming a set, but they can differ in the number of holes on the top and sometimes in color and shape.

In addition to having a known purpose and everyday use, these shakers also have collectible value. Since these are small items, a modest budget is enough to make a decent collection. However, antique salt and pepper shakers are the most interesting for collectors.

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Salt and Pepper Shaker History

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In Victorian times, people kept salt in open cellars because it came in stone form. It was necessary to separate a piece and break it to use salt during food preparation. That was why the first brine were essentially salt mills.

With the salt production improvement, the need for salt mills disappeared, and brines got an increasingly modern look. Over the years, pepper shakers began to appear along with brines, so they soon began to be produced in pairs, making sets.

The material used to make them were different, and you could find those made of glass, plastic, ceramics, and metal. Shakers became trendy during the 1920s when Morton Salt introduced agents that prevented the shaker contents from hardening.

The significant rise in salt and pepper shakers production began in the 1930s and 1940s. During the Great Depression, pottery manufacturers shifted their focus to cheap items to survive. These sets appeared in various shapes and imaginative designs.

Shakers’ purpose also changed. In addition to their primary role in preparing and serving food, these sets become souvenirs and collectibles.

That was why producers created sets marking special events or holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, or Halloween. Plus, the salt and pepper shaker design often conveyed the national identity of a particular country or people and their cultural values.

Antique Salt and Pepper Shaker Styles

It is challenging to distinguish antique shakers from their reproductions, especially at first glance. Numerous styles and different designs are characteristic of the earliest period of salt and pepper shaker development. As a collector, you should be familiar with standard types such as:

Anonymous Christmas shaker set

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Dog salt & pepper shakers

(Video) Collecting 101: Salt & Pepper Shakers! The History, Popularity and Value! Episode 17

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (3)

Engraved metal/silver shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (4)

Pink Spun aluminum & bakelite shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (5)

Egg-shaped shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (6)

Nippon hand-painted shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (7)

Fitz & Floyd elves shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (8)

Souvenir salt & pepper shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (9)

Art deco, so-called Japanese shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (10)

Hand-painted shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (11)

(Video) Download Florence's Big Book of Salt & Pepper Shakers: Identification & Value Guide PDF

Green milk glass shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (12)

Van Tellingen Huggers’ shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (13)

Dutch boy & girl figural shakers

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (14)

However, there is a possibility to come across pieces with unique details, depending on manufacturers and production year.

Novelty pair

As you know, most of the salt and pepper shakers come as a pair. In most cases, they represent the same look and form. Sometimes, designers pair two pieces with similar characteristics but a few differences.

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You can quickly notice that they make a pair but are not the same in the classical sense. You can also find salt and pepper shakers on the base, shoving you that it is a set.

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (16)

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Identification

To be sure that you have the original antique salt and pepper shaker set in front of you, you need to check a few specific details.

Manufacturing year

Shaker’s manufacturing year should be sufficient to determine each model’s identity. Unfortunately, many reproductions and fake pieces make it impossible to confirm this without a detailed examination.

Country or state of origin

While not every country has enough preserved production information, this can be one way to determine the authenticity of your salt and pepper shaker set. Researching national, regional, or local archives can sometimes provide you with enough information.

Manufacturer tracking

Finding a company that created salt and pepper shakers was the most reliable way to establish its authenticity. Some of them put their markings on the shaker’s bottom or around its top. However, it is advisable to look carefully for markings because some manufacturers fitted them into the design.


The difference between antique and modern sets is easiest to notice when you check the material used to make the shaker.

(Video) Salt and Pepper Shaker Collection

The material for making modern models is most often plastic or metal. However, ceramics and unusual glass were the material of choice for making classic antique pieces.

Design’s finish

The influence of Art Deco, artistic style, and retro movements resulted in numerous antique collectibles during the last century. You could notice that most shakers came without a perfect finishing surface in the early decades, although they had a precise and unique design.

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value

Antique salt and pepper shakers’ values can significantly vary. The rule of thumb is that the more decorated and older pieces are more costly.

For instance, a pair of Tiffany hand-hammered silver and mixed metal shakers produced from 1878 to 1891 was sold at auction in 2013 for an impressive $6,875. A set of Steuben Glass Works blue aurene created from 1912 to 1922 was sold for slightly less money. One collector paid $2,400 for it.

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Antique salt and pepper shakers by Etsy

Reed and Barton sterling silver set$2,550
Victorian sterling silver set$2,500
Sampson Mordan chick$960
Tiffany and Co. sterling silver shakers$689
Silver novelty dog$608
Birds in love for Valentine’s day$160
Skunks set$135
Little Red Riding hood set$100
French set$60
Royal Albert roses$50
Chubby Japanese faces$50
Ducks set$42
Set from Greek mythology$40
Flamingo set$30
Silver-plate cobalt glass$30
Ladybug set$28
Kookaburra bird set$25
Dutch boy and girl set$19
Beagle pup set$12
Ancient ship set$8
Toby captain shakers$2
Set in cross-stitch pattern$3
Wood bucket set$2.50

On the other hand, numerous sales websites offer more accessible possibilities. For instance, you can find antique sets on eBay for just over a dollar. The situation is similar to Etsy, where you can find antique salt and pepper shakers for only $2.50.

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Antique salt and pepper shakers by eBay

Sterling silver novelty$1,915
Guilloche Enamel owl$700
Catalina island flying fish$650
Unicorn Naito$600
Prayer hands set$510
Sterling silver elephant design$442
Asian pair of faces$305
Red and yellow Shell gas pump$230
Spode Blue Italian oversized set$200
Crazy calico cats$120
Lenox eternal Christmas$95
Pulled feather$75
Pink depression glass$70
Trivet set$50
Orange set$40
Foxes set$35
Halloween set$24
Black and white cows$19
Mickey and Minnie$13
Corn set$9
Penguin lovers$7
Moroccan blue and white design$5
Ceramic rooster$2
Soldier hats$1

Places to Find Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers

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You can typically find antique salt and pepper shakers in various antique shops and at garage sales. However, internet sales are so prevalent that they definitely deserve your attention.

The Net can help you identify your shakers, making evaluation effortless in most cases. Comparing your specimens with pieces available online can give you approximate insights into how much your set is worth.

Many internet sales sites offer a large selection of antiques, including the most popular:

  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Chairish
  • Mercari
  • Ancient Point
  • Vatican
  • Live Auctioneer
  • Wayfair

Most people never consult YouTube when checking their antiques, which is a mistake you should avoid. Searching videos can significantly help with antique shaker identification and value.

It is possible to find numerous videos on this channel that show the evaluation and identification process, ways to restore your shakers, and how to store and take care of them. You can also find ways to recognize reproductions and distinguish them from original things.

Determining value

As you know, online websites make the sales process much more manageable and increase the availability of antique shakers. As a result, a large offer significantly lowers prices.

You can use a few excellent reference books to determine the value of antique shakers. Unfortunately, the abundant information on the Net makes them almost useless.

Determining the price of antique salt and pepper shakers is not effortless. Although many factors affect their value, experts have singled out crucial ones:

  • Manufacturers can raise the product value by branding it
  • An authentication stamp increases the antique shaker price
  • Shakers from the early 1900s are more valuable than newer pieces
  • Only shakers in perfect condition are valuable and possibly expensive
  • Special features on the outer surface can bring an increase in price
  • Decorative shakers usually have a higher value compared to ordinarily designed pieces
  • The shaker’s rarity on the market increases its value
  • Historical connections to events or personalities significantly impact the shaker’s price

Despite these guidelines, determining shakers’ price is sometimes a complicated process. Believe it or not, it can take several days to understand all the details, particularly if you are a beginner.

(Video) Home Book Summary: Salt and Pepper Shakers, III: Identification and Values by Helene Guarnaccia

On the other hand, online service availability allows taking a set picture and posting it on the forum or evaluation company website. Then, you should only wait for someone to recognize and assess your property type.

Antiques vs. Reproductions

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Value (Identification & Price Guides) (19)

Nowadays, the market is flooded with modern reproductions of original antiques, making it challenging to tell the difference quickly. Customers mostly want something unique on their table. On the other hand, many sellers legitimately sell reproductions of antique models.

The problem arises when you want to buy an antique salt and pepper shaker set but can’t distinguish it from reproductions appearing on the antique market.

In such a case, it is crucial to pay attention to the data that can identify a set as an antique before deciding to buy it. For instance, you can notice a slight distortion from the outside on shakers designed before the 1970s.

Still, not every antique shaker has flaws or imperfections to prove its authenticity. That is why it is advisable to be well-acquainted with the available information for your investment to be profitable. Only that way can you be entirely satisfied.

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers Cleaning and Maintenance

First antiques salt and pepper shakers appeared between 1860 and 1910, during the Victorian era. Manufacturers used fine porcelain, crystal, and silver for producing these pieces, although the most common ones were made of high-quality glass.

Be aware that these items can only be magnificent and long-lasting if you learn how to clean them properly. Despite the different shapes and quality, the cleaning process is generally the same. As always, the most efficient and most affordable option is baking soda.

Pour distilled water into a bowl and add a few tablespoons of baking soda. Soak the shakers in the mixture, let them sit for a few minutes, and rinse them with clean water in the end. The best way is to leave both pieces upside down on a clean flat surface to dry.

Keep in mind that some old shakers can be very dirty, so you need to be careful when removing accumulated dirt from corners and holes. In this case, using toothpicks and toothbrushes is beneficial. It is necessary to empty all the contents and carefully remove deposits before washing.

You can sometimes notice rust on antique metal shakers. The best way to solve this problem is by soaking each piece in an ammonia solution for approximately ten minutes. Be careful and use this chemical only in a room with excellent ventilation or outside.

Sometimes the rust is too severe, and it is impossible to remove it. In this case, hiring a professional to refinish the set is the only option.

As always, prevention is the best solution you have. Always keep antique salt and pepper shakers empty when not in use to protect your set and use it for a long. Wash these lovely pieces twice a year, and they will stay shining for decades.


Over the years, salt and pepper shakers have become necessities in everyday life. However, the variety of the designs has attracted the collectors’ attention. These pieces’ prices significantly vary, depending on the manufacturer, used materials, design, age, condition, and availability on the antique market.


(Video) Selling Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

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What is the most sought after salt and pepper shakers? ›

The most collectible salt and pepper shaker sets are those which are intact. Travel souvenir salt and pepper shakers do not have the same collectible interest that they had back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Are salt and pepper shaker collections worth anything? ›

There are different salt and pepper shakes all around the world that are worth a significant amount of money, from the vintage sets from the 1950s to the current ones made with precious materials. You may not know the value of your salt and pepper shaker set—and you can possibly be sitting on a gold mine.

How do you identify salt and pepper shakers? ›

Distinguishing salt from pepper

The shakers may also be simply labelled "pepper" and "salt" or "p" and "s" (in some cases the latter may be formed of the holes for pouring), or may be colored white for salt and black for pepper.

What is the oldest salt and pepper shaker? ›

The earliest known salt shaker debuted in 1858, shares The Intelligencer, and was credited to John Mason, who was also the inventor of the mason jar. Despite this revolutionary design, it still took more than 60 years for salt shakers to break into the mainstream and become the kitchen table staple they are today.

Is there a market for salt and pepper shakers? ›

You can sell them on eBay, but that is a tremendous amount of work and some fees involved. You can contact an antique dealer at an antique mall or an auction/estate sales company in your area and see what they would offer you. They probably won't know shaker values anymore than you do.

What do the dots mean for salt and pepper shakers? ›

They have three holes for salt, two for pepper ...

When did salt stop being valuable? ›

In the 20th century salt has become a cheap everyday product, because new deposits have been opened up and production has been thoroughly economized.

What collectibles are hot right now? ›

Some of the hottest collectibles in 2023 include classic cars, fine art, antique houseware, sports memorabilia, coins, toys, rock'n'roll memorabilia, fine wines, vintage jewelry and more.

What is the most sought after collectable? ›

Most Valuable Types of Collections in the World
  • Thoroughbred Horses. ...
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  • Old cameras. ...
  • Rare coins or notes. ...
  • Books. ...
  • Stamps. ...
  • Old china. ...
  • Glassware.
Jun 2, 2022

How do you know which one is the pepper shaker? ›

The short answer is that it varies by culture and also current health trends. Those wishing to limit their sodium intake (aka, those in the United States) use the top with the fewest holes in it for the salt. Practically speaking though, the real answer is to use whichever top gives you the result you want.

What are the different types of salt and pepper shakers? ›

Types of salt and pepper shakers

The three most common are manual, electric (actually, battery-operated), and glass with stainless steel.

What are the ages of salt and pepper? ›

Cheryl "Salt" James was born on March 28, 1966, she is 53 years old. Deidre 'Spinderella' Roper was Born on August 3, 1971, she is 48 years old. Sandra "Pepa" Jacqueline Denton was born November 9, but sources vary on the year, being either 1964 or 1969. She is 50 or 55 years old.

Which salt and pepper has 3 holes? ›

An old saying to determine which went where was: three holes for PePPer because of the three "p's". On to more changes: The entrance of sea salt.

How do you clean old salt and pepper shakers? ›

Salt and Pepper Shakers
  1. First, fill a bowl with hot water and a teaspoon of anti-bacterial dish soap.
  2. Let the shakers soak in the solution for ten minutes.
  3. Rinse the shakers with warm water.
  4. If you see there's still some grime left, use a cotton swab to remove any residue.
Mar 28, 2013

What can I do with a collection of salt and pepper shakers? ›

Alternative uses for salt and pepper shaker
  1. Tiny Terrariums. Once you add small pebbles, moss, soil, and tiny plants and figurines, your shakers will transform into their very own decorative microcosm.
  2. Miniature Vases for Flowers. ...
  3. Seed Dispenser for Gardening. ...
  4. Air Fresheners/Aromatherapy.
Sep 6, 2017

What is the difference between a salt mill and a pepper mill? ›

Salt mills typically use ceramic or nylon grinders that will not corrode over time. In contrast, pepper mills use carbon or stainless steel to effortlessly grind tough peppercorns without damaging the mechanism.

Why do chefs not use salt shakers? ›

Many say it's because a truly chef-focused restaurant should serve food that is seasoned to perfection. Others eschew the cheap, iodized table salt used in shakers. Some also swear by the cleaner aesthetic achieved by a table set without extra adornments.

Which Shaker has 3 holes salt or pepper? ›

The pepper goes in the shaker with the fewer amount of holes. That is the "rule".

Which is the salt shaker number of holes? ›

A: There isn't a definitive answer. Some sources say the salt goes in the one with the most number of holes because you use more of it. But others say since salt was so valuable, it went in the shaker with one hole. Since pre-ground pepper tastes like dust, I'd skip the whole issue.

Does salt go in the 3 hole or 2 hole shaker? ›

Salt goes in the two-hole shaker, not because it is used more often, but because more of it is used. Put another way; over-peppered food tastes worse than over-salted food.

Is gold or salt more valuable? ›

So while the demand for salt and/or the size of the salt trade may have outpaced that of gold, gold prices have always been higher than salt prices.

When was salt really valuable? ›

During the late Roman Empire and throughout the Middle Ages salt was a precious commodity carried along the salt roads into the heartland of the Germanic tribes.

What are the rarest salts in the world? ›

Blue Persian Rock Salt is the rarest salt on Earth. That's why it is one of the most expensive salts in the world! It's also not easy to extract and only about 60-80 tonnes get harvested each year.

What antiques are selling well in 2022? ›

Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern are still hot, while Art Nouveau, textiles, vintage kitchenware and more are coming in strong.
  • Antique Trader Staff.
  • Apr 5, 2022.
Apr 5, 2022

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And now on to our list of the 9 collectibles that have less value than you think.
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  • Baseball-card collections.
Feb 26, 2020

What are the most sought after dimes? ›

Most Valuable Dimes
  • Disme (Bust Half dime) produced in 1792.
  • Draped bust dime produced from 1796 to 1807.
  • Capped bust dime produced from 1809 to 1837.
  • Liberty seated dime produced from 1837 to 1891.
  • Barber dime produced from 1892 to 1916.
  • Mercury (Winged Liberty Head) dime produced from 1916 to 1945.

What antiques are in high demand? ›

Here, you'll find a list of the most popular vintage items that are currently in demand.
  • Records. Records are a popular collectible item among various age groups. ...
  • Vintage Advertising Signage. ...
  • Vintage Books. ...
  • Automobilia/Petroliana. ...
  • Vintage Toys. ...
  • Jewelry. ...
  • Mid-Century Modern. ...
  • Art Deco.
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How do I know if my stuff is valuable? ›

Try sites such as What's It Worth to You, Value My Stuff, and Worth Point. If you're searching for the tax-deductible value of items that have been donated, you can use valuation sites, tax preparation companies (such as Turbo Tax) or the Salvation Army.

How do I know if my antique is valuable? ›

Visiting a local appraiser is an excellent option, especially if they're in a local shop or if they're a dealer of collectable and unique items. These individuals will research the market value of your antique, offer a fair judgment of the antique, and provide you with a written report with the antique's estimate.

Why does salt shaker have one hole? ›

[13] In the UK, salt was often poured onto the side of one's plate and used for dipping, rather than shaken across the whole dish, hence salt cellars having a single, larger, hole.

Which holes are bigger salt or pepper shaker? ›

Since salt crystals are larger (and tend to clump in humid conditions), their holes should be bigger.

Why are there more holes in a pepper shaker? ›

Salt grains are thought to be larger than equivalent ground pepper flakes, so they should be put in a shaker with fewer, but larger, holes. Since ground pepper is lighter and dustier than salt, it requires more holes in order to flow out at a comparable rate.

How do you identify unknown salts? ›

Students identify unknown chloride salts by (1) using a precipitation reaction to determine if the cation is a group 1 or group 2 metal, (2) performing a titration with silver nitrate to determine the formula mass of the salt, and (3) confirming the identity of the salt using a flame test.

How can you identify a salt from a name? ›

The name of a salt starts with the name of the cation (e.g., sodium or ammonium) followed by the name of the anion (e.g., chloride or acetate). Salts are often referred to only by the name of the cation (e.g., sodium salt or ammonium salt) or by the name of the anion (e.g., chloride salt or acetate salt).

What are the 4 types of salt? ›

4 Common Types Of Salt, And How To Use Them
  • Kosher salt. Kosher salt is a coarse-grained flaky salt. ...
  • Table salt. This is the most common type of salt, and the one most used in home kitchens. ...
  • Sea salt. Sea salt refers to unrefined salt that is sourced from — appropriately — the sea. ...
  • Coarse salt.
Sep 21, 2017

What is the difference between a salt shaker and a pepper shaker? ›

Pepper shakers have smaller holes on the top. In addition, their holes are usually more numerous compared to salt shakers. The holes are smaller since the pepper has much smaller particles (crystals). Salt shakers have fewer and larger holes because the salt particles are larger compared to pepper particles.

Should you wash salt and pepper shakers before use? ›

Should I wash the inside of new shakers before I fill them? Yes, but make sure that the shaker is dried completely. If it is not dried properly, it will cause the salt/pepper to clump or the holes to plug.

What is the most popular salt brand? ›

10 Most Popular Salts in the World
  • Sal de Tavira. Tavira. Portugal. ...
  • Fleur de sel de Camargue. Camargue. France. ...
  • Maras Salt. Cusco Region. Peru. ...
  • Anglesey Sea Salt. Menai Strait. Wales. ...
  • Himalayan Black Salt (Kala namak) Northern India. India. ...
  • Maldon Sea Salt. Maldon. England. ...
  • Sel de Guérande. Guérande. France. ...
  • Himalayan Salt. Punjab. Pakistan.
Feb 3, 2023

What is the best salt crystals? ›

If you are trying for the 'perfect crystal' use un-iodized salt and distilled water. Impurities in either the salt or water can aid dislocation, where new crystals don't stack perfectly on top of previous crystals.

Which shaker does the salt go in etiquette? ›

Salt goes in the two-hole shaker, not because it is used more often, but because more of it is used.

What is the rarest salt? ›

Blue Persian rock salt is one of the rarest, and consequently, one of the most expensive natural salts in the world. The unique blue properties of the salt are derived through naturally occurring deposits of Potassium Chloride crystals known as Sylvite.

What are the rarest salt? ›

Blue Persian Rock Salt is the rarest salt on Earth. That's why it is one of the most expensive salts in the world! It's also not easy to extract and only about 60-80 tonnes get harvested each year.

What is the highest quality salt in the world? ›

Rare, delicate Fleur de Sel is the highest standard of finishing salts. Fleur de Sel translates to "Flower of Salt" and is often called the "caviar of salts" by chefs worldwide.

What is the difference between rock salt and crystal salt? ›

The primary difference between rock salt and ordinary table salt is the size and colour. Rock salt forms in very large, chunky crystals, as opposed to the small crystals seen in table salt. Like table salt, rock salt also has an assortment of trace minerals which can have an impact on how it behaves chemically.

What is the difference between sea salt and crystal salt? ›

The sodium content of sea salt and table salt is identical — 40% when measured by weight. However, some sea salt may have larger crystals than table salt, so the sea salt may have less sodium by volume because fewer crystals will fit in a measuring device such as a spoon.

What is the best salt for high blood pressure? ›

Try to avoid table salt specifically in raw form. Better to go for Himalayan salt or rock salt instead of it. That cutting down on sodium in your diet is the best way to maintain your BP? Even a small reduction in the sodium in your diet can improve blood pressure by about 5 to 6 mm Hg.

Which shaker has 3 holes? ›

Allrecipes member Cupps is in the 'more holes for pepper' camp with a mnemonic: "I remember it because there's three P's in PePPer, so it has three holes."

Which salt and pepper shaker has three holes? ›

Some say that tradition favors a salt shaker over a pepper shaker hole-wise, with many older sets featuring two pepper holes to four salt holes. Others make the ratio a little more balanced, with three holes for salt and two for pepper.

What is the difference between a pepper grinder and a pepper mill? ›

A pepper mill, also referred to as a pepper grinder, passes peppercorns through burrs to grind them into fragments.


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