How Much Do Pitbulls Cost? The Ultimate Pitbull Guide - Best Tips for Pets, Baby, Kitchen (2023)

Pitbulls are a cross between terriers and bulldogs. And I bet that’s one of the reasons why you want one. But it’s clearly not enough to want them only for their appearance. While you do need to know their various types and characteristics. What’s also important is their price. How much do Pitbulls cost?

Well, it’s not as simple and straightforward as buying a car or a gadget. The price of a Pitbull varies according to documentation, gender, and characteristics. Simple online research will tell you about the many prices of Pitbull puppies.

Why do some Pitbull puppies sell for thousands of dollars? And the others that look just like the expensive ones sell for merely hundreds or even cheaper? This begs the next question – how to determine the right cost of Pitbulls?

This detailed article talks about the run-of-the-mill cost of Pitbulls. And how characteristics, gender, and breeding can determine its price.

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A Few Words of Introduction

Pitbulls are varied in cost as well as in the description. There’s American Pit Bull Terrier which is the original breed all over the world. It’s also the most common Pitbull breed of them all. Next is Bluenose and Rednose Pitbulls. They are characterized by their nose and coat color.

The American Bully, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and many more. Pitbulls are a breed much coveted and taken for granted. In that, they’re often hybrids. Such as Pitbull Husky mix, the Rottweiler Pitbull, Colby Pitbull, etc.

Besides their type, what is that one trait that makes a Pitbull a unique dog breed? It’s their fierce and agile hunting strength that puts them on the map. I’m sure you must have seen a Pitbull any number of times in films. They’re portrayed as hunting dogs, police or rescue dogs, etc, but there are plenty ofpit bull service dogsas well.

Pitbulls are strong and loyal but the common misconception is that they’re dangerous. They’re no more dangerous than an ill-trained German Shephard or even a Pomeranian. This means that if they’re well-trained, Pitbulls make great companions. For that very reason, people with psychiatric disabilities choose them as their psychiatric service dogs (PSD). However, you need a PSD letter to certify your Pitbull as a PSD.

Pitbulls catch up to the power and strength of Bulldogs. And the agility and fierceness of Terriers. Back in the days, dog-fighting was very popular. And breeders always trained and bred Pitbulls to be their champions.

This is also what gives Pitbulls that tag of being “too aggressive.” They’re considered to be intrinsically aggressive and violent. But that is not true. Poor upbringing and lack of training lead to aggression. Another common reason for anger in dogs is the lack of physical and mental stimulation at home.

What you Need to Know About Pit Bulls

The Average Cost of Pitbulls

I’m sure you want to get this out of the way. Consider this a starting point to know how much do Pitbulls cost. It will definitely come in handy when you read more about Pitbulls.

There are two ways to go about purchasing Pitbulls:

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1. Adoption

Adoption is a great idea if you’re looking for a companionable rescue. You can adopt a Pitbull puppy or an adult. Look for adoption or a rescue center, preferably local, to get a few deals.

Pitbulls are quite common and so they will be readily available where you stay. The average cost for adopting a Pitbull is up to 200 dollars.

You can either look for a certified and reliable adoption center online. Or go to any nearest animal hospital or shelter to inquire from them. Adopting a Pitbull is a rewarding way to take care of a dog that’s been abandoned or injured.

Just make sure you get at least the basic documents from the center. Such as health check-ups and some medical history.

How Much Do Pitbulls Cost? The Ultimate Pitbull Guide - Best Tips for Pets, Baby, Kitchen (1)

2. Breeders

If buying a Pitbull is more about entering into dog competitions. Then you need proper documentation and a superior pedigree. Adoption agencies don’t hold on to such intricate documents for such types of breeds. What you must seek is a breeder.

The starting price for buying Pitbulls from a breeder is 800 dollars. If it’s any lower than that, assume the breeder is cheating you. Have you ever heard of puppy mills? Puppies of various breeds are raised in unethical conditions.

Puppies are kept in tiny cages where they poop, eat, and sleep without stepping out for days, weeks even. This is to limit the expenses of raising the puppies. So they spend less and charge less for you and still make a profit. It leads to physical and mental damage in dogs.

So you must be cautious of the breeder you’re purchasing a Pitbull from. Backyard breeders often sell superior Pitbulls with proper registrations and documents. But not all backyard breeders are saints. Most of them breed Pitbulls so that they look better and expensive.

This leads to inbreeding which can lead to severe congenital diseases. It’s important to rely on a legitimate and compassionate breeder. You must be able to inspect the dog’s breeding environment. This influences the puppy’s social and emotional development.

The average price of a Pitbull from a good breeder is 2000 to 20,000 dollars. These are for superior Pitbulls which a reputable bloodline. There are some Pitbulls that cost as little as 1000 dollars. But they are often without the necessary paperwork for dog shows.

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The Factors that Affect Cost

Fact: not all Pitbulls cost the same. But this goes beyond their type. There are plenty of factors that influence the price of a Pitbull. It’s their physical characteristics, gender, age, and health conditions.

1. Physical Characteristics

The average Pitbull is broad but of medium height. He has a square-shaped face with bold and athletic features. So that when you see a Pitbull from a distance, you can recognize them right away.

Pitbulls don’t have a thick coat, to begin with. Their hair is often cropped to maintain healthy a coat. Otherwise, they look really dirty and messy with long, unkempt hair.

Between a Rednose and Bluenose Pitbull, things are a bit different. A breeder may charge you more for a different physical attribute. Such as the nose color, height or build. However, if a breeder charges you an extravagant rate for a certain nose color, don’t fall for it.

Whether you’re Pitbull has a red or blue nose doesn’t matter. The color of the nose doesn’t affect temperament or behavior. Factors like how strong their built is are what matters.

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This means choosing between a puppy or an adult Pitbull. Puppies are less expensive than adults – at least in the case of Pitbulls. So the bigger the size you want, the more you have to pay for it.

How Much Do Pitbulls Cost? The Ultimate Pitbull Guide - Best Tips for Pets, Baby, Kitchen (2)

2. Sex

Why is gender a factor? Well, if you want to buy a female dog, you do have the option of breeding more puppies. In the long-run, you’re getting a bunch of puppies and a female dog for the price of one. With a male dog, you’re simply buying one dog.

This is why breeders charge a little extra for female Pitbulls. However, male Pitbulls are bought based on their physical attributes. So if you’re seeking a Pitbull from a superior stud, no matter the gender, it may be super expensive.

Genes play a huge role in determining the cost of a Pitbull. You want your dog to inherit great qualities from your dog’s parent. So the higher the price, the more premium the pedigree of a Pitbull.

A female and male Pitbull share the same weight. And that is between 14 to 36 kilos. What they do differ in is height. Male Pitbulls are 2 to 4 cm taller than female Pitbulls. The average height of a female Pitbull is 45.7 cm and of a male’s is 49 cm.

3. Documents

It is more than essential to attain the right documents when buying a dog. As a pet parent, you’re supposed to have the following documents. Whether or not you want your dog to participate in a dog show.

Rabies / Vaccinations

The first thing a vet asks you when you take a new puppy is whether they’re getting the Rabies shot. It’s a critical document for a pet owner to possess. The same applies to vaccines. Most vets keep a copy of a dog’s vaccine shots.

Say you’re traveling with your dog, the hotel you’re staying at will ask of this. It’s a safety precaution for you, your dog, and the people staying in the same hotel. Pet-friendly expos and events always ask about your dog’s vaccination documents.


Every legitimate breeder or adoption center will have its own license. No license, no sale. If the breeder verbally assures you, that’s simply not enough. In case of any troubles, that very license will come in handy.

There is a standard protocol for everything. Including breeders who breed high-pedigree dogs like Pitbulls. Make sure your breeder meets the standard dog breeding criteria. The breeding conditions, resources, funding, etc.

With that in hand, you can make a sound and legitimate decision to buy or adopt a Pitbull.

By this, you can understand the importance of documents. And how it affects the cost of a Pitbull. A Pitbull with credible documents especially of its bloodline will be costlier. Compared to a Pitbull who has acquired only the basics.

If you want your dog to originate from a superior bloodline, you need proof. And in breeders, this line of proof is expensive to maintain. So they charge you extra for it too.

How Much Do Pitbulls Cost of a Lifetime?

You know what this means, right? It’s not enough to know the initial buying cost of a Pitbull. Pitbulls are intelligent and active dogs. They need proper training, food, nourishment, and attention. This takes effort as well as money.

The following factors give you a general idea of how costly Pitbulls are to take care of. This includes their training needs, diet, and medical conditions.

1. Training

Pitbulls can be very loyal and loving if they’re trained well. This means a series of personal training sessions as soon as you adopt them. This helps enhance their behavioral, social, and cognitive skills.

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Training a Pitbull begs the following question. What do you need to train them for? If all you want is a social and happy Pitbull, basic training is perfect. But if you want guard dogs to protect your home from intruders, it’s a whole other thing.

Pitbulls can be made defensive the right way. They make excellent search and rescue and police dogs. So this means they do possess the necessary skills to intimidate and stand guard.

What you must invest time and money on is obedience training. It develops the necessary skills so that your dog respects you. It’s also a great way to bond with your dog. A trainer helps you interact with your dog and the other way around.

The average cost of a personal training session each week is 70 to 100 dollars. This is from a reputable and legitimate dog trainer. You can only train a happy dog with positive treats! And this may go beyond the routine commands like sit, stay, down, or shake hands.

Training a puppy is easier than training an adult. Adult dogs have already developed most behavioral traits. So to address them in their adulthood may be difficult. But it isn’t impossible. With the help of a good (hence expensive) trainer, you can correct faulty behavior. This is very common when you’re adopting an adult Pitbull.

2. Diet

Feeding a Pitbull takes up most of the general cost. You can skip a grooming appointment for a month to save up. You can’t do the same when it comes to feeding your dog. It has to be every day and it has to be correct.

Feeding a Puppy

Contrary to popular thinking, Pitbulls don’t need a lot of protein. And the diet for a puppy is not the same for adults. A Pitbull puppy needs more protein than an adult. High-quality and natural sources of protein are a must. Any filler protein can lead to digestion problems in puppies. This is because puppies digest protein slower than adults.

Puppy food must be rich in fats, calcium, and carbs too. A whole balanced meal for a puppy is the ideal formula. Puppy food must contain at least 40% of protein, 17% fat, 1.5-2% calcium, and 30% carbs.

There are plenty of puppy formulas for you to rely on. They may cost extra but they give your puppy the nutrition she needs.

How many times to feed a puppy in a day?

This is based on the dog’s weight and her weaning period. If she starts to wean as soon as she turns 4 weeks old, she will need more food. And not just moist food, she will need dry solid food.

The average a 12-week old puppy should eat is 6 meals a day. And each meal must be served in a very small quantity. Less than half a cup of dry/wet food.

After 6 months, reduce the number of times you feed by half. So that is 3 times a day and a half cup each time.

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Feeding an Adult

A Pitbull reaches adulthood at the age of 18 months. That’s when they grow to about 30 to 80 pounds. And by this time, they rely on solid and dry food for their daily nourishment. The average adult Pitbull eats is 3 times a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How much do you feed an adult Pitbull? Around 5 ounces of dry food in each serving.

The nutritional profile for adult Pitbulls is around 30% protein and 20% fat. And let’s not forget doggy treats. Make sure the treats are made of meat and no preservatives or by-products. The same applies to their food which is a combination of meat- and grain-based.

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3. Health

Pitbulls do share some common health issues like allergies, hyperthyroidism, and heart issues. You may not have to deal with this in their puppyhood or even adulthood. But it’s better to know what you may need to prepare for in the future.


Allergies are the most common health problem in Pitbulls. So if you see their excessively scratching themselves, licking, rubbing, etc. A simple allergy test and your vet will let you know the root problem.

There are a number of causes of allergies in Pitbulls. Such as dermatitis, inhalant allergy, sensitivity to chemicals or food, and fleas. The solution to a food allergy, for example, is to change the diet. Pitbulls are prone to get allergic to meat or types of grains. Include healthy veggies like sweet potatoes or peas into their diet.

For a flea allergy, you might need to purchase a new shampoo or spray or capsule. But make sure your dog is not allergic to the chemicals in those products. Not all flea products are good for your dog. A contact allergy is also a common phenomenon. And may lead to skin infections, dryness, or itchiness.

Inhalant allergy is sensitivity to dust, mites, pollen, or molds. It can lead to ear or eye infections such as Cherry Eye. It’s best to stick to medication and proper vet care to solve this problem. And since it’s a lifetime condition, special attention and care are required.

Hip Problems

Hip Dysplasia is a common hip joint condition in Pitbulls. This usually occurs after the age of 2. It’s painful and if left undiagnosed can lead to more severe consequences. It’s best to do an X-Ray of your dog’s hip once or twice a year.


Hypothyroidism is easy to detect with a simple blood test. But if left untreated, it can cause weight gain, diabetes, and other problems. Coat health is also heavily affected by hypothyroidism.

How Much Do Pitbulls Cost? The Ultimate Pitbull Guide - Best Tips for Pets, Baby, Kitchen (3)

4. Physical Exercise

Pitbulls need daily walks. And not just once in a day, but spread out throughout the day. If you leave a Pitbull at home all day and night, it may lead to aggression and anxiety. If you have children or other dogs around, this may be dangerous.

Many pet parents hire dog walkers to help walk their dogs. Professional dog walkers encourage a healthier and active lifestyle. They play with dogs in an open playground or park. Engage in physically- and mentally-stimulating games and tricks.

A tired and healthy Pitbull makes an excellent playmate at home. Even if it’s around children and smaller dogs or cats. Whether you provide toys for your dog to play with. There is a chance to reduce stress and anxiety in Pitbulls with regular exercise.

Pitbulls like to hunt so include games that harness that ability. If you have a dog-friendly park around, teach him to play fetch. Or build a maze through which he can find little doggy treats.

Paying a little extra to keep your dog’s enthusiasm peaked and satisfied is essential. Unless you’re at home all of the time and can do it yourself. It’s good to have an enthusiastic Pitbull at home but not an overenthusiastic one. That just leads to aggression in dogs.

Make sure your dog understands the basics of walking on a leash. You don’t want your dog to pull you around everywhere. Walking your dog should be fun and not a task. This also helps your dog to socialize with other dogs and play all sorts of chasing games.

5. Grooming

It takes regular grooming appointments to maintain a Pitbull’s coat. Though it’s always cropped short, their hair can grow brittle and stiff. Lack of proper grooming can lead to more shedding, dandruff, and bacterial infections.

To avoid creating a mess at home, schedule a grooming session 1-2 times a month. This will include everything – a hair trim, nail trim, ear, and teeth cleanup. From an early age, you must do all these things to avoid any trouble.

Final Thoughts – How Much Do Pitbulls Cost?

You don’t want to get left behind when it comes to this. Not only do you know how much do Pitbulls cost. You know every little detail about their type, characteristic, and upbringing. Pitbulls are admirable dogs. They’re loyal, brave, hard-workers, and affectionate.


And so you need the proper papers to verify your purchase. Even if you’re adopting a new puppy from the rescue shelter. There are many ways to make your purchase easier. Pitbulls are varied dog breeds. They need all the proper training, care, and love they deserve.

So it’s important to know the breed before you buy one. And this straightforward article lets you in on every piece of information. I hope you take this seriously.

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